For those who have realistic encounters with dreams depicting hardships, sadness, loss but then on the other hand experience happiness, love and a sense of freedom. Far Too Kind has worked to create this experience we all as humans have, but as an audible cohesive story.

From the first track and the dark undertone its expressing, to the last track and its lighter contrast. Each track is a step away form the bad dreams and takes you to the positive sweet dreams, with each dream taking you deeper to your personal self. 

For what track you relate to the most, that maybe where you are in your stage in life. Just know, we as humans move and grow, not every bad dream stays bad for good.

Thank you brother - adding more goodness to the ever growing sea of art.

Peace >>


I remember hearing of his death, but didn't think anything of it. The name somehow remained and so did that title, 'Donuts'. I never thought anything of it, until maybe 2 years ago, I pressed play on J Dilla's Donuts. I was extremely high on THC and was listening in a dark room with headphones. Possibly the most surreal, greatest experience my ears have ever encountered. Listening to the song 'Waves' and feeling the emotions and vibrations that were surging through my body and ears gave me butterflies.

Hearing his sound made me appreciate how it was so unique and crafted so perfectly. The way he cuts up his samples and elegantly layers the drum patterns on top of some subtle percussion - bliss.

Point I'm making - J Dilla is (arguably some would say) the greatest hard working producer who ever graced our planet. Today is his birthday and I thought to give an ode to one of the greats was only fair.

Look up his music, listen to it, study it, learn from it. His output was amazing and has blessed the ears of millions of listeners around the world.

Here's a toast to the great.

Bless up brother, your energy will live on and inspire for generations.

Peace >> 


The brothers Maurice Miller and Jamie Pyne get together and dress up for a interview conducted by Noisey. Its runs through their creativity, their jobs and their current situation placed in soceitys inner workings.

Read the article here and listen to their music too, its dope. On Soundcloud, Bandcamp and Spotify. 




Just last night as I was in deep in a musical session, both under the influence and under a hazy red light, I thought when will Ashes Holland (WhyFi) release a project? I pondered then my mind went and latched onto another random thought that then spiraled to something i've now forgotten about. Point i'm making is that thought has now come reality, I've now flicked and seen a release by WhyFi which seems to be the songs that didnt make the cut for his debut forthcoming album under The Grow Room.

With his progressive experimental sound touching on surfer rock, funk, jazz, hiphop and beat type music, I am happy to be immersed in this LP taking me forward for my day ahead.

Shout outs to the bro WhyFi with this (for me) long awaited release. Now im super keen for the album release.

Peep the release here, enjoy.

Peace //

all our music - in one place

Hey all,

Its been a while since we have posted, so in saying that we will remind you of our Bandcamp, with all of our discography and what is yet to come.

This music has been curated and made to inspire and motivate. Changing peoples perspectives and attitudes towards music and creativity as a whole.

Check the Bandcamp here, and dig in - we hope you enjoy.

Peace >> 


As my ear is progressing and evolving i'm beginning to gain a new appreciation of the style of music embodied by the electronic, midi based melodic, producers. More and more levels or ability are coming through, and diversification is become more and more apparent in this 'genre' of music.

This one hails from the depths of Auckland's central district. rhyse uploads these string of melodic, smooth and straight to the point beats. Hitting the 140bpm range, hes bringing a new twist on the sudden emergence in this beats/midi ,computer producer buzz. 

He's hitting the bracket in this new one, check it below. 

Peace >> 


Following on from the release of the award winning Love Can Prevail, Electric Wire Hustle are set to release their third album, The 11th Sky. Continuing on with the surreal storytelling first seen on the Aeons EP, The 11th Sky shows an act further pushing the boundaries of conventional genres, and their own sound. Electronic beats, smooth vocals, and driving synths are punctuated throughout a release which features Mara TK at his strongest as a songwriter. 

Expanding on their psychedelic/soul-sound, the album is best described as “David Lynch meets Motown”. Across nine tracks, the album shows a new evolution to Electric Wire Hustle’s sound, while maintaining the hallmarks which have garnered them critical acclaim and fans across the globe – unique production, and the inimitable voice of Mara TK.

Below is one of their songs form the album featuring the beautiful Deva Mahal, listen below.

Peace >>


W e are happy to announce our first artist release under Lowtide,

Kruff Kurtis drops Chaos In The Perilymph Volume 1 : Compound Meters. This dynamic body of work encompasses a level and dynamic piece of art. Molding jazz characteristics, heavy hip hop influences infused in a pool of experimental entropy. 

This project is something that we here at Lowtide are absolutely honored to have under our label. We are very excited for whats more in store. 

Keep an eye out, spread the love and listen.

Peace >>